Television Show "E.R." Sued For Malpractice By Actress

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CHICAGO, IL – A malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit was filed this week against the medical-drama TV show “E.R.” The lawsuit charges that the show’s doctors and nurses could have done more to prevent the death of actor Jessica Easly’s character.

Easly’s character suffered a rupture of a thoracic aorta aneurysm due to an acute trauma to the chest. According to Easly, the condition was a result of “a stupid car crash which no one even ever saw.”

“My character, Jeanie, was such a nice girl and should never have died,” said Easly. “The docs on that show have no idea what the hell they are doing and if they would have worked harder, Jeanie would have survived and I would be back for another episode. But no… they are way too concerned with who’s banging who and what’s up with that bald doctor guy and that weird chick.”

During the episode in which Easly appeared, Dr. Green, played by Anthony Edwards, struggled with reviving the character Jeanie and ultimately gave up reporting the time of death. It was later revealed during the show that the character of Dr. Green had been awake for almost 48 straight hours contributing to his lack of concentration.

“I was fucking super pissed off when I saw that Dr. Green was tired and making stupid mistakes. How can you do that and be a doctor. I remember watching the show, seeing myself die and then freaking out because he screwed up. That isn’t fair and someone has to pay,” said Easly. “And to be honest you know what? I wouldn’t be that pissed if I didn’t go out in such a chicken shit way. Lack of sleep? What the hell is that? At least he could have been on a 96 hour crack high or something. Maybe a little AIDS to spice things up but I had to go out because he was overworked and tired. Just like a man.”

The lawsuit has been dismissed by several of the shows writers and its creator Michael Crichton as a waste of time and a “futile attempt by a really shitty actress to get some notoriety.”

“Originally the show did call for a much more expanded role of the Jeanie character but (Easly) was such a fucking horrible actress that we killed her off as quick as we could,” said writer Johnath Hooper. “Seriously, all she did on the set was talk about this one time when she played ‘Little Girl’ in her high school production of ‘Our Town.’ That’s her resume. One fucking high school play. I don’t even know how she got on the show in the first place. Horrible, horrible actress. In fact, we cut down her death sequence by about half. She was kinda hot though and I did bang her, but that is a different story and a different law suit all together.”

A hearing is scheduled for later this month in Chicago, the town where the show takes place. If the court rules in favor of Easly, many in Hollywood think it could open a floodgate of similar lawsuits.

“Just think about it. If she wins, every single piece of crap actor in this town will sue everyone. ‘Star Trek’ alone will probably have thousands of lawsuits against it,” said Harvey Weinberg, Paramount Pictures Attorney.


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