Local Man Disappointed by Interaction with Erik Estrada

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Local man Michael Weary was disappointed by his interactions with Erik Estrada.
Local man Michael Weary was disappointed by his interactions with Erik Estrada.

LOS ANGELES, CA – A conversation with actor Erik Estrada left local man Michael Weary feeling much less satisfied than expected. The two met while Weary was a contest on a game show in which Estrada was a celebrity judge.

“I don’t know what I thought (meeting Estrada) would be like but… when (Estrada) looked me in the eye, I just thought I would feel different,” said Weary. “We spent a couple minutes talking and standing next to each other and I don’t know if I expected to feel some kind of connection but I really felt nothing. Maybe I just was thinking it be like the time I met Dean Cain. Back then I thought maybe that my heart would explode, but I know now that’s just kind of ridiculous.”

Before the show each contestant was able to meet the celebrity judges. While Weary was excited to be apart of the show and meet several of the judges, he was particularly excited about meeting Estrada.

“I don’t know if I’d say I was excited, but really, he was the only judge I remembered,” said Weary. “Screw those other people; I didn’t even know who they were. But I grew up watching (Estrada) on ‘C.H.i.Ps.’ He was my kinda my idol. I wore a Ponch costume for six consecutive Halloweens. That’s how much I looked up to the guy. Then a couple days ago I meet him and he’s just and ass.”

The game show, “America’s Next Motorcycle Cop TV Show Star” pits contestants against each other in a series of obstacle courses. The celebrity judges give the contestants tips and rate each performance.

In addition to Estrada other celebrity judges included Teri Austin, Barbara Bosson, Richard Grieco and Alf.

“I really do wish that me and Estrada did make some kind of connection because I could have really used his advice,” Weary said. “I’ve never driven a motorcycle before, so it would have been nice to get some ideas from a man who rode on one every day for 10 years. But no, the whole time he stood next to me he kept staring at some chick’s tits. The girl wasn’t even close – he had to squint to see them. That and I think the chick was fat. What makes it worse is that I couldn’t even get the motorcycle started so I lost the challenge. That was the first question I asked. ‘Hey Ponch, how do you start this stupid thing?’”

For his part, Estrada focused much of his attention on the two female contestants, making little time for Weary and the other men.

“Look, I’m Eric Estrada,” said Estrada. “I don’t want to talk to no guys! I’m Eric Estrada. I talk to the ladies. If anyone told you different, then we’re going to have a problem.”

Weary wasn’t the only one disappointed by interactions with Estrada. Co-judge Grieco was also annoyed that Estrada had a hard time concentrating on things other than breasts.

“It was kind of sad, really,” Grieco said. “I’m not saying that I wasn’t checking out the chick too, but we were getting paid for this, so we should at least take it somewhat seriously. (Estrada) was kind of out of control though. At one point in the competition I caught him starring at Bosson’s tits. That chick is 70. That’s fucked up!”


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