Football Fan Discretely Changes Favorite Team to Seahawks


RENO, NV – Local football fan Dennis Triollio has quietly and discreetly changed his favorite football team in the last several days from the Denver Broncos to the Seattle Seahawks.

Triollio updated his Facebook and Twitter accounts to reflect his new favorite team but made no associated posts or announcements.

“I’ve been a fan of the Seahawks forever, I just never remembered to like them on Facebook,” said Triollio. “I like the Broncos too but… with the Super Bowl loss last year and the early playoff exit this year, it’s just hard to be a fan right now. I mean, they just kinda sucked this year in the playoffs. But when you look at the Seahawks, they’re just awesome. But yeah, I’ve always been a Seahawks fan I just updated Facebook to show that, you know?”

Triollio says the change is not due to the rise in Seahawks popularity or the team success but rather a long-time interest in the team and its players.

“Yeah, I get it, people think that I’m just jumping on the bandwagon, but I’m really not,” said Triollio. “But I’ve been watching the Seahawks for a long time. One of me my favorite players growing up was Steve Sargent. He was the best… um, wide receiver ever! And their quarterback this year, Wilson Russell is just awesome. I mean the things that he does on the football field is spectacular. He made that play that one week! All I can say is wow. That guy is gonna be one of the best ever.”

Many of Triollio’s friends didn’t notice the change until recently.

“It was subtle, I didn’t even notice until he posted a picture of himself in a Seahawks hat,” said Triollio’s friend, Brian Capatch. “I thought he was a huge Broncos fan but I guess not. But I do remember him posting a lot of pictures of Payton Manning earlier this year when (Manning) was on that hot streak and broke those records. Maybe (Triollio) is just a fan of Manning and he’s really just a Seahawks fan?”

Prior to the Denver Broncos, Triollio’s favorite teams have included the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, and the Green Bay Packers.

“To me, it’s not so much about the team itself, it’s the players on the team,” Triollio said. “ The Seahawks have some awesome players right now. Like Russell and that other guy. Yeah, they’re awesome. I think they’ve got what it takes to win the Super Bowl this year and next. Maybe the following. Now that I think about it they’ll probably win for the rest of time.”

Despite the fact that he only appears to be a bandwagon fan, the Seahawks organization plans on welcoming Triollio into the fold.

“Actually, these fans that jump on the bandwagon are actually the best fans for us as an orginization,” said Seahawks president Roger Maxwell. “The reason that they are so good is that they spend so much money on new gear. A lot of money. And that’s good for us. We love money.”

Triollio says that he will be a Seahawks fan for life.

“This is a permanent throbbing, unless, you know, they start to suck,” Triollio said. “There’s nothing worse than being a fan of a sucky team. I don’t know how people still support the Arizona Cardinals.”


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