Musician Eager to Disappoint Fans with New Album

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LOS ANGELES, CA – After selling over a million copies of her debut album, rocker Terra Tory is looking forward to the new year and is eager to disappoint both fans and critics alike with her new album.

“The last couple years have been great and I’ve been able to really connect with my fans but now I think I’m ready to make an album that my biggest fans will really dislike and, you know, an album that music bloggers will just really tear apart,” said Tory. “It’s a rite of passage in the music industry and I’m just jazzed to be a part of that, you know?”

Tory said she is looking forward to expanding her sound and including a number of new instruments and production techniques on the new, as yet untitled album – two things that typically annoy fans and critics.

“Music fans and critics hate change,” said Tory. “So it will be cool to make some really cool changes to my sound now that I have access to so many great instruments and great musicians. It will still be me and my writing of course but I’ll add some keyboards and cool percussion stuff that I wasn’t able to do before. You know, stuff that bloggers always complain about on a band’s second album. Like, I’m really thinking of using this Moog synthesizer, it’ll give the songs a real cool vibe.”

The new album isn’t due until late summer but Tory is already looking forward to reading the negative reviews and harsh social medial posts.

“A friend of mine who works for a music blog said that a lot of music sites have already started writing the review for my next album,” said Tory. “That’s cool. I’m happy to give people something to talk about, you know? I mean, it’d be really cool if people would actually listen to the album as its own piece, instead of comparing it to my first album or to some fetishized idea of what they want to hear from me but, you know, whatever. It’s cool.”

Tory’s debut album, Wine Slap, was a critical and commercial success. In a review posted on Pitchfork, Wine Slap was described as “Spending time in the dimly lit, musky basement of a friend of a friend who was well versed in the writings of Stevenson and had a foosball table covered old Life magazines.”

Some of Tory’s fans have already begun posting on Reddit their displeasure with where they see Tory’s creative direction headed and some of the choices she is making with her music and performances.

“(Tory’s) first album had such a raw feel to it. The music and the sound was just so sharp and there were no gimmicks. That’s what I loved about her,” stated Reddit user FartBoobs696969. “But I saw her a couple months ago at the Fillmore and she had a full band and some girl keyboardist and was doing all these weird things with the keyboards and stuff. I hated it. When I go to a concert I want to hear the songs exactly like they are on the album and I want nothing to ever change. But then if nothing ever changes I want to complain about how everything sounds the same. It’s my right as a person who streams music online!”

After the album is released, Tory is considering a world-wide tour, possibly playing large venues that are owned and operated by multi-million dollar companies.

“If and when I tour I’ll probably bring a couple extra people with me. Like a third guitarist and a keyboardist. I’ll need these extra people to play the music I’m making now,” said Tory. “Also, I’ll need to play much bigger places so tickets will start to get really expensive. That will be cool too. Really I just want my fans to have the best, most authentic music experience possible and that’s why I’m doing all of this – for the fans.”


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