This Million Dollar Baby Fan Theory Changes Everything

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LOS ANGELES, CA – The internet is abuzz with a new fan theory that will change the way you see the classic film Million Dollar Baby.

Million Dollar Baby is one of those films fans watch over and over. There are thousands of internet sites and message boards dedicated to the film where fans discuss everything from their favorite scenes to publishing their fan fiction. But a recent post on Reddit has the Million Dollar Baby fan community going wild.

“There are literally tens of us on here that are looking at this (fan theory) and going ‘no way! No fucking way! Stop it!’” said Million Dollar Baby fan, Jenson Weene. “But then you read the theory and you’re like ‘No! Stop it! It’s too crazy to think that!’ Then you kinda think about it and it makes a lot of sense and in one way you’re like ‘I feel cheated that you made me feel this way’ while at the same time you’re like ‘No! Stop it!’ You know what I mean?”

There are spoilers below so if you haven’t seen Million Dollar Baby you may want to stop reading.

According to the theory, the Maggie Fitzgerald (played in the film by Hilary Swank) that dies at the end of the film is not the same Maggie Fitzgerald that viewers first meet at the beginning of the film. Reddit user Mill$ConspiracyBaby describes the theory:

“If you look at Maggie at the beginning of the film she doesn’t look like the Maggie at the end of the film. There is no way that’s the same person. How can that be? Well, if you look at the scene where she visits the mad scientist at the first part of the movie, you can see her enter the electromagonimatrix machine and she comes out saying she felt weird. Well, if you pause the film and look at the output screen of the electromagonimatrix you can see that it says CARDAS. “Cardas” is Spanish for “change” and also Egyptian for “different person.” If you put those two together you have “change to a different person.” Later in the film you find out that Maggie speaks both French and Egyptian. The French language is very similar to Spanish. Obviously when Maggie entered that electromagonimatrix the machine sent Maggie to a different reality and brought a different Maggie back. After Maggie gets out of the electromagonimatrix and says that she feels weird you can see a small red circle above her left elbow. That red circle isn’t there before Maggie gets in the electromagonimatrix. In almost all western cultures, a small red circle means that a person is not the same as the same person. Also, the last line Maggie that dies says before she dies is ‘I’m not your Maggie, I’m from a different reality. It was when I went into the electomagonmatrix.’ That was the clincher.”

Several other Reddit users have posted comments on the original post supporting the theory.

“it totes true!!!!,” stated Reddit user ThousandDollarBaby. “i never thot that I could luv this movie moar! So cool. LOL! #blessed”

As with any theory, there are some that dismiss it. One such skeptic posted a simple counter to the theory but the comment was downvoted quickly and disappeared from the Reddit page. The comment from RealHillarySwanky simply said “I don’t know what you guys are talking about. None of the shit you just said is even in the movie.”


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