Dungeons & Dragons Release New Serf Character Classes

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Dungeons & Dragons players will now be able to play as a farmer.
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SEATTLE, WA – The company behind the popular Dungeons & Dragons role playing game has announced a new expansion set giving players more options for character classes and new campaigns.

Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, debuted the changes at a recent comic convention in Seattle.

“We, as a company, felt that it was high time to spice things up a bit,” said Head of Character Development for Wizards of the Coast, Willy Rounger. “Sure it’s fun to be a wizard and shoot magic missiles at an ogre’s scrotum, but really, how many times can you do that and it still be fun? True, that number is high, but at the same time, it does get old after the 5000th time. So we figured we’d throw out some new classes that hit you in the heart, and not the scrotum.”

In addition to the existing character classes like paladin, wizard, and druid, the upcoming expansion will allow players to create characters such as farmer, orphaned child, indentured servant, and miner.

“As Dungeons & Dragons continues to increase in popularity, world-wide, we want to make sure we make the game accessible to people who are not looking for a fighting or adventure game,” said Wizards of the Coast Creative Director, Jen Mendril. “Now, with the new Serf expansion, players will be able to role play, not just as fighters and wizards, but as normal citizens of the realm. Citizens with important jobs like growing crops, mining for ore, and providing for others.”

Dungeons & Dragons has been primarily focused on combat adventures but the new expansion pack is aimed at giving players more of a “human drama” element and a taste for life in a less technologically advanced age.

“I’ve always enjoyed playing D&D but sometimes I just get tired of killing Mind Flayers,” said Dungeons and Dragons player Kirk Letrone. “I want to be a character that has something more to them. I want to be a mother on a farm with two kids that have the plague and a husband who was eaten by an evil tiefling. That would be hard. Navigating a world of monsters and evil but I have to hide from all that and just try to make sure my kids don’t die before they turn 10. That sounds like a hell of a lot of fun!”

The new character classes will also come with a new player handbook that will help players create new characters within each class.

“Of course, each new class will come with their own individual items,” Rounger said. “Take the orphan for example. Playing an orphan immediately grants you a ladle full of gruel that you can either eat, or save because you really don’t know when you’ll eat again. A miner has a crippling case of black lung. Stuff like that will help immerse the player into this new world.

Later this fall Wizards of the Coast will be releasing new campaigns to use with the new character classes beginning with the first new campaign The Winter of Black Death.


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