Star Wars Fans Upset New Film Will Include Color Turquoise

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This image of a turquoise flag has angered several Star Wars fans.
This image of a turquoise flag has angered several Star Wars fans.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Recently released images from the upcoming Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker, have angered a number of Star Wars fans who are upset the film will include the color turquoise.

“This is not my Star Wars,” posted XxDarthBallzxX on Reddit. “First they put minorities in the film, then they put a bunch of women in there, and now they put in a bunch of turquoise? That’s it. I’m out. Fuck Disney, fuck Star Wars.”

The image that has upset fans is a still from the film featuring Chewbacca and R2D2 standing in a desert. In the distance, behind the characters, a small flag can be seen that prominently features the color turquoise.

“(The Rise of Skywalker) is going to be stupid,” posted Sebulbas Sack on Twitter. “I’m sick of Disney forcing minorities and chicks and different colors in to movies. They should stick to 2 white guys, 1 white woman, 1 black man, a big hairy creature, a gold gay droid, and a small white droid, a white guy dressed all in black and an old white man who can shoot lightning out of his fingers. And a small green guy. And the colors white, black, and green and blue and orange and also red. Disney is ruining my childhood.”

To date, more than 30,000 angry comments about the inclusion of turquoise in Star Wars have been posted online by at least 23 different users.

“Fuck Disney and Star Wars,” posted Bar Bar Drinks on Reddit. “I’m never going to see this movie. I mean, yes I’ll see it, but only like four times. And I’ll hate it. Because fuck Disney.”

Each of the last four Star Wars films have proved controversial for fans.

“People, and by people I mean like 40 assholes that spend every waking moment online, get all worked up every time a movie comes out that includes someone other than a white male lead,” said Rise of Skywalker director, JJ Abrams. “Look at Joker. Those dumbshits loved the hell out of that movie and didn’t complain about shit. Why? One white male lead. But really, if give any of these pieces of shit more than a passing glance, that’s on you. At this point you should just assume anything posted online is the idiotic ramblings of a guy sitting alone at his computer at 4am yelling about everything in-between masturbating to interracial porn.”

Although the film is still in production and does not come out until December, 20, the film already has a 4% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


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