New Virus Protection buBBle Coming to Stores

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The new buBBle from DuPont will allow people to go out in public with protection from COVID-19 and other viruses.
The new buBBle from DuPont will allow people to go out in public with protection from COVID-19 and other viruses.

WILMINGTON, DE – As the coronavirus pandemic continues, DuPont is releasing a new line of personal protective equipment called buBBle which the company says is intended for every day, home, personal use.

“In this pandemic world people are struggling to stay safe while going about their daily lives,” said DuPont Vice President of Marketing, Henry Gabriel. “We are here to help. With the new buBBle, DuPont is offering people the chance to go out and do everything they want to do and still be safe from the coronavirus, or any virus, protected in a giant plastic bubble.”

The buBBle is an air-tight plastic sphere with a diameter of eight feet that can be worn both in and out of the home to protect from the coronavirus.

“The buBBle will keep people mostly safe,” said DuPont engineer, Ben Morris. “People can wear the buBBle out and about and they won’t come in contact with anything that has a virus on it because they can’t touch anything. At all. If you are in the buBBle you can’t touch, or smell, or hear anything except what’s in the buBBle with you. And there is no fear of getting the virus through the air because we’ve made it air tight. But, between you and me, seriously, don’t tell anyone I told you this, but it’s totally airtight so, like, you can only wear it for about 45 minutes before you use up all the air in it and suffocate. But, you know, other than that, it works super awesome.”

Gabriel says the buBBle has been developed with an eye towards customizations with expansion ports.

“We know, based on market research of course, that people like options and like to be able to customize their stuff so we’ve kept that in mind with the buBBle,” said Gabriel. “If you have a buBBle you can get an assortment of stickers to put on either the outside or inside. Like flames. Who doesn’t want to roll around town in a buBBle with sick-ass flames on it? I know I do! And there will be a couple ports for some expansions that we are currently working on – like a stereo system and urine recycling machine.”

Other out-of-the-box features of the buBBle include automatic tinting when exposed to UV light, semi-puncture proof protective outer layer, and an air-horn.

“The buBBle is pretty much puncture resistant,” said DuPont, Customer Service Manager, Heather Collie. “Mostly. You can’t take (buBBle) over rocks, or concrete, or asphalt or sand but if you take it over grass it will definitely not puncture – unless there are rocks or sticks in the grass. Oh! And don’t take it on water because it doesn’t float. So you’ll want to upgrade to the semi-puncture proof cover. That will at least let you go over fine sand. ”

DuPont representatives point out that while protective bubble technology has been available for years, the new DuPont buBBle is the first to be released since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are excited to update this technology and bring it forward into the present and the future to keep people safe from the current pandemic and the pandemic China is getting ready for 2022,” said Gabriel. “Oh, um… forget that last bit.”

The buBBle will retail for $1,200 and will be available at Target stores nation-wide.


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