Local Man Still Wearing Fedora For Some Reason

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Eric Drayton, above, is still wearing a fedora even though the hats have not been fashionable in ten years.
Eric Drayton, above, is still wearing a fedora even though the hats have not been fashionable in ten years.
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LOS ANGELES, CA – A local Pasadena man is still wearing a fedora hat in public.

“I was like, is that guy… wearing a fedora,” said eye witness, Jimmy Gonzalez. “Sure as shit, this dude was straight up walking down the street wearing a fedora. I covered my kid’s eyes but only because I didn’t feel like explaining why some dude was wearing a weird looking hat that made his head look small.”

Seeing a man wearing a fedora has caused some confusion as witnesses begin to wonder what year it is or if there is a prank show being filmed in the area.

“I was having coffee over there and I see a guy out of the corner of my eye wearin’ a weird lookin’ hat from, like, the 2000s and I was like, what. Is. That?” said Britni Willis. “But then I was like ‘oh! Is there a prank show being filmed right now? Am I being pranked? I don’t think I was pranked though ‘cus no one asked me to sign a release. Unless you are part of it. Are you part of the prank show? Oh, shit, I’ll be cool. Ask me again. Let’s go back to one and let me retake that. Do you want my headshot? I’m also an actress, you know.”

When asked about the fedora, the man wearing it, Eric Drayton, said it was his favorite hat and he has only received compliments about the hat.

“Oh, my hat? I love this hat. I’ve been wearing it for years. See, you can see the sweat stains inside,” said Drayton. “I actually stopped wearing it for a bit, but I just didn’t feel whole. I didn’t feel like I had my groove. This hat is just awesome, you know, it immediately tells people that I’m totally cool, and hip and am a really fun person to hang out with.”

The fedora hat was a popular accessory for men in 2010 and 2011 but has since fallen out of fashion almost everywhere in the country.

“Oh yeah, people still wear them here. But this here is Arkansas and it’s always about 20 years behind everywhere else,” said Little Rock, AR tailor, Jimbo Duckins. “I can tell you what though, the fedora is a sure sign of elegance. If a man were to come up to me wearing a fedora, boy, I can tell you that I would trust that man with my life. Hell, if a man were to walk in here and tell me that Our Lord and Savior and Current President Donald J. Trump – yes I said ‘current President’ – if someone in a fedora told me that Trump had indeed lost the election and that there was absolutely no proof of a rigged election, then I would believe him. You’re god damned right I would. Because a man in a fedora is a man that is telling the truth.”

Despite the fedora going out of style a decade ago, Drayton says that he will continue to wear the hat anytime he leaves the house.

“I really don’t feel complete if I’m not wearing a hat,” said Drayton. “Baseball hats are OK, but you know, they’re really only for people that like sports. I’d try a beanie year round, but I’ll admit it, I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull that off. Plus I’m not sure where the closest Carhartt store is. But do you know what I am cool enough to do? That’s right, rocking a fucking fedora like a pimp!”


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