bin Laden Announces Support for Huckabee Nomination


A MOUNTAIN, PAKISTAN – Pundit and world famous terrorist Osama bin Laden has announced his support for Republican Mike Huckabee as the Republican Presidential nominee.
“I like where America is right now and I think any of the other candidates, especially the woman and black man from the other party will change the status quo,” said bin Laden. “Huckabee has everything we love to hate in America. If he were to win the Presidency, it would ensure a strong working relationship between America and Al Qaeda.”
Although Mike Huckabee trails current Republican front runner John McCain by several hundred delegates, the support of bin Laden can only help boost Huckabee’s popularity.
“I’m honored to have the support of such a great leader,” said Huckabee of bin Laden. “When I am President, I pledge to continue the ignorance and intolerance that has worked so well for us and this great country for the last eight years. And with bin Laden’s support, I know I will be able to count on some explosive results in upcoming primaries.”


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