Father and Son Sex Talk Awkward


AUSTIN, TX – In one of the most awkward moments of either of their lives, Deston Laremy and his father, Walt Laremy, discussed sex.
“I never, ever want to do that again,” said Deston Laremy. “I know what sex is. I have the internet. Dad telling me what sex was just weird. He told me that he got Chlamydia from my mom when he was my age. I’m 14. That’s fucked up.”
The discussion lasted only 26 minutes but both father and son say that it seemed much longer.
“That sucked,” said Walt Laremy. “I know you are supposed to talk about sex with your kids but that sucked. I can’t even remember what sex is. My wife won’t let me anywhere near her vagina. Luckily Deston gave me a list of some good websites.”


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