Crowd Indifferent to Hype Man


ORLANDO, FL – The crowd gathered outside the Orlando Metro Promenade remained indifferent to the hype man hired by Hot Streak nightclub to draw in customers.

“Damn, man. What I was did it just wasn’t working for me that night,” said the hype man, Mike “M.Dizzy” Donovan. “I tried tell guys and bitches that that the club was bouncin’, there was all kids of fresh bitches inside, that ladies drank for free. I even made fun of dudes who looked like they was losers but nothin’ worked for me. People was all just walkin’ by or, like pretendin’ I was like indivisible or some shit. That was some fuckin’ bullshit.”

When asked why they were ignoring Donovan, the majority of people interviewed responded by saying “oh, that guy? He looks like an asshole and that club looks dumb so screw that shit.”


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