Fart in a Jar Prank Unappreciated by Coworkers


EVANSVILLE, IN – A local man’s “fart in a jar” office prank was not well received by his coworkers.

“I just wanted to make people laugh, you know, and I thought it would be funny if I went and I took one of them jars in the cafeteria and I farted in it, sealed it back up and gave it to one of my coworkers to open,” said Gabe Ritter. “I thought it’d be funny when my coworkers opened the jar, thinking it was cookies or something and it was actually a fart. It should have been funny. But I guess my coworkers don’t like farts.”

After opening the jar that contained a fart, Ritter’s coworkers were unanimously repulsed.

“Who the fuck farts in a jar and then brings it to you to open,” said Ritter’s coworker, Ted Lewis. “I don’t want to smell farts. No one wants to smell farts. Especially when you are expecting delicious cookies. Not a good prank. Not a good prank at all.”


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