Teen Still Waiting for a View on His Fornite Video


GOLDEN, CO – A local teen has been waiting for several hours for his YouTube post to register a view.

Tristan Stevens posted a video of himself talking in a funny voice while playing the popular video game Fortnite on YouTube but the video has yet to register a single view.

“I don’t understand. I posted a video of me playing Fortnite and I was talking with my voice funny and no one has watched my video,” said Stevens. “It’s been hours. Why won’t anyone watch my video? People watch other people’s videos but why won’t the watch mine? I want to make money playing Fornite so I don’t have to go to school and I can be rich. My mom says I’m funny. Why won’t people watch my video?”

At press time, the editorial staff of The Scoop News was unable to find Stevens video in the 1,231,175 Fornite videos on YouTube.


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