Teppanyaki Chef Halfheartedly Performs for One


DALLAS, TX – A Teppanyaki chef at Texas Japan BBQ Emporium is struggling to perform while preparing food for a table of one.

“I… I guess I’m just like what’s the point?” said chef, Jerome Delgado. “It’s lunch and there is just one guy here, and he’s on his phone not even paying attention, so… I guess I’m kinda just not in to it. I may not even make an onion volcano.”

Teppanyaki chef’s typically entertain their customers and showcase their skill while preparing food by performing tricks with food and utensils however, Delgado is skipping some tricks and has sighed loudly several times during the food preparation.

“Look at this guy, he isn’t paying attention,” said Delgado. “He didn’t even clap when I caught the egg shell on my chef’s hat. So, fuck it. I’m just finish up, do a couple tricks and go back in the back to see if my ex will answer my calls.”


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