Local Man Surprised to Hear Libya Still at War


MEMPHIS, TN – A local man was surprised to hear that the internal conflict in Libya has not been resolved. After hearing a friend mention recent violence in Libya, Jerry Noones said “Libya? I thought that was all done with.”

Noones says he watches Fox News “almost every night” but he hadn’t heard any news of Libya in the last several weeks.

“Someone told me that Libya was still at war ‘n stuff but I didn’t believe them ‘cus ‘Fox and Friends’ ain’t been talking about it,” said Noones. “But then my friend showed me an article in the New York Times about how Libya was still at war and I says ‘Libya? I thought that was all done with.’ Don’t make no difference to me anyway because I ain’t livin’ in Libya so I don’t give a rat’s tail.”


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