Community College Offering Sexuality Classes


PLEASANTVILLE, WISCONSIN – In their monthly newsletter Pleasantville Community College announced the launching of a new curriculum — Vocational Certificate in Careers of Sexuality.

“Well, I went over to the college, you know, just to see what the classes are and they had all these sexy sex classes!” said new student and stay-at-home mom, Francy Dale. “I enrolled in Phone Sex Operations 101! I’m so excited! While I was there I saw three other women that live on my block standing in line.”

Dean Kyle McCree said the certificate program will include classes in Pole Dancing, Exploration of an Escort’s Life, and Webcams.

“There is a career path for these jobs and it will be really great during winter when our graduates can stay off the icy roads. Many of these careers will allow them to earn extra income from home,” said McCree.

The registration lines were several hundred feet long as several women expressed their excitement over sexual liberation while others maintained that the new certificate was disgusting.

“I just can’t believe that some of my neighbors are here enrolling in these classes. I am so much sexier than they are, ah, I mean, what will their daughters think?” said Wendy Grant.


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