New MLB Rule: Yankees Automatically Qualify for Playoffs


NEW YORK, NY – Although the playoffs are still underway, Major League Baseball announced a rule change this week that will ensure the New York Yankees automatically make the playoffs.

“The Yankees are already pretty much exempt from many of the rules that govern the sport so what’s one more?” said Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Robert D. Manfred, Jr. “Everyone either loves the Yankees or wants to see the Yankees lose so in reality everyone wins. But mostly the Yankees win because they will go to the playoffs no matter what happens over the course of the season.”

The rule change was proposed by the Yankees and by ESPN.

“As far as (ESPN) is concerned there are only two teams – the Yankees and the Red Sox – so it just makes sense that at least one of them is in the playoffs every year and it might as well be the Yankees because… well I don’t know really,” said ESPN Programming Director, Clint Morrison. “This new rule change will really help to make sure that we can continue to focus almost exclusively on the Yankees despite the fact that there are other teams. I think. I’m pretty sure there are other teams but honestly I don’t care.”


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