The Scoop News was started in 1997 by brothers Aaron and J. Allen Bell. Years inside the journalism world (including local and national newspapers as well as stints with MTV) had left the brothers with a bad taste for the industry but a lingering desire to continue writing - albeit in a different manner. Doing what they do best, making people laugh, the Brothers Bell started writing satirical newspaper and magazine articles for publication in various humor magazines. A steady fan base was forming through printed circulation at universities and this collection of articles continued to grow and eventually became the first several issues of The Scoop News.

In 1999, The Scoop News launched the website. Now available worldwide, the Scoop began collecting fans at a rapid pace. As it stands today, The Scoop News, although monthly, receives an average of 2,000 to 3,000 hits per day. The Scoop staff also increased and stands at 10 contributors, not including the Brothers Bell.

Over the years The Scoop has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Finley Humorous Writing, sponsored by Northern Arizona University, which has been won by The Scoop stories on three different occasions.

As The Scoop grows, the Brothers Bell continue to push forward, constantly adding new and better features to make The Scoop the number one satirical news source in the world.

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