Occasionally our wonderful readers take the time to drop us a line and let us know what they think, both good and bad… in fact, mostly bad. Then again, most of the time we just get really really weird requests. In our appreciation, we in turn take the time to answer every email we get here… for everyone to read. All of the below emails are 100% real from real readers like yourself.

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To the writers of The Scoop,

Your article on Jason Odenbaum concerning Special Olympics is without a doubt one of the most offensive things I've read in my life. Making fun of the disabled is not funny and an incredibly disrespectful thing for those who are fortunate enough not to be disabled to do. You are clearly unaware of what an incredible program Special Olympics truly is. Go find something better to do with your time.

- [Name Withheld]

P.S. And losing is not spelled "loosing", losers.


Dearest [Name Withheld],

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to write us. Secondly, if this story is the "most offensive" thing you have ever read, then you didn't get very far into The Scoop did you? There are several articles about Jesus and child abduction if you are willing to reconsider. We could sit here and justify the story for you but we simply won't. Laughter is something we all need, some more than others. Being able to step away from life and look at it's absurdities from behind the rose colored glasses is something required to be human. We aren't the first to say this and we certainly won't be the last. That said, please come back and visit. We are always willing to offend. In order to be offended, you first have to think.

The Scoop


Hello, My name is Cacey Grist,and i am 13, and my mother Deannette Grist is fighting our city counsal because they are tring to pass a law where semis,boats,cars,and mobil homes cant park in their own yards. Semis cant park anywhere in the city limits and cars cant be in our yards unless they are in ouy driveways or in desnagted parking spaces,same with boatsand mobil homes. Here in Henryetta,Oklahoma we have a lot of familes that live inthe same houses and have to park in their yards.if this law passes then we cant even move our cars into the grass to wash them or we will get a sitation,or a ticket.About 90% of our town have old cars,4-wheelers,boats,and many other things parked in their yards. If this law passes many people will move and all the truckers will move too. My stepfather is a truck driver, and we dont have anywhere for him to park his semi excpet in out yard. Many people in Henryetta are like us. Even one of the police offerciers have cars parked in their yards and he will have to give himself a ticket if he does not move them!! Our city manager has only been in"office" for one month,and we want him out .plz help us!


Dear Cacey,

I am sorry to hear of your parking problems. I have found that when the "Man" is trying to hold me down, I simply tell him to "go ahead and fuck right off!" If you want to park six or seven semi's in your yard then that is your "God given right and your own gosh darn bidnus." This is the land of the free and home of the brave and I for one don't know anyone who exemplifies that more than the American "Trucker." A noble breed they are. Instead of writing a group of satirical jackasses, we suggest a strongly worded letter to your congressman or simply have a town meeting in order to remove your oppressor. Good luck and God speed on this mission.

The Scoop

P.S. You have no idea how hard it was to respond to this email. Wow… I mean, wow. For once, we took the high road.


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