Office Manager Energized by Efficiency Seminar


ATLANTA, GA – After attending a workplace efficiency seminar, local Office Manager Morgan LeFreup, is excited about suggesting a number of changes to coworker’s processes.

“The seminar was about how to be lean and how to make all your work more… um… efficient and how to do things more efficiently,” said LeFreup. “Like, for example and such, they had us do an exercise where we made a doctor’s office more efficient but, like, giving people numbers and making the waiting time more efficient by, um, doing things like making people wait in two lines instead of just one. It was a really great seminar and I feel really efficient now.”

LeFreup spent the first day back in the office creating a list of “efficient things” for coworkers to begin implementing in their workday.

“That seminar was so great and gave me such great ideas for everyone here at the office,” said LeFreup. “Like Terry, I have a whole list of things Terry should start doing different. And Dean over there. Yeah, you Dean. Ha ha. I have two pages of notes for you too! The seminar was so great!”


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