New Study by IT Employee Suggests Humans Should Only Work Two Hours a Day


MILWAUKEE, WI – A new study conducted by Jared Weisman, an IT employee at Modera Health Care Solutions, finds humans should only work two hours a day.

“To remain efficient and effective, I found that humans should only work two hours a day – and the rest of the work day should be spent relaxing and eating snacks and maybe watching videos on YouTube and taking naps and also we should be paid for a full eight hours,” said Weisman.

According to Weisman the study was conducted over two days and included interviews with more than three different IT employees at Modera Health Care Solutions.

“I walked around and talked to people and everyone pretty much agreed – we should only have to really work about two hours a day,” said Weisman.

Weisman presented the study to his managers at Modera Health Care Solutions but has not received any feedback.

“I hope (Modera Health Care Solutions managers) take it seriously and start letting us only work two hours – but still get our full pay.” Said Weisman.


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