Local Woman Just Not Up for 2020


KANSAS CITY, MO – Local woman Sandra Gow says that she isn’t sure she is “up for 2020.”

“2019 was a lot, you know?” said Gow. “I mean… just, like, everything. It was a lot. And now, what, a couple weeks in to 2020 and it’s just already so much. I just don’t think I’m up for it. You know? Jesus. It’s just so much to deal with.”

Gow says her feelings about not being up for 2020 are not related to any specific area such as politics or the environment.

“It’s not just, like, one thing. It’s fucking everything,” said Gow. “It’s all just so much. Politics, environment, entertainment, medicine, the internet… of god, the internet. Dating. Food. It’s just sooooo, so, much. So much. You know? Yeah, you know. You totally fucking know.”


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