Local Woman Redecorates Room Before Video Call


LAKEWOOD, CO – Local woman, Jenny McDavid, has spent the last four hours rearranging her office to ensure attendees on a video conference think McDavid has her shit together.

“I can’t get on the video conference with my bras hanging on the door and the broken lamp and the old High Times poster in the background and the pile of pizza boxes by the window,” said McDavid. “So now I’ve staged the camera to just show this six-foot by six-foot section of the room and I’m cleaning and arranging that so people think I’m cool and have nice shit.”

McDavid has been testing several different office setups hoping to find the right balance of professionalism, cleanliness, and culture.

“I found this old-ass Beatles record that some old boyfriend left here like a decade ago and I put that in a frame and then I found a poster from college of a famous painting one, you know, the gold one with the weird kissing people on it. I put that in a frame and I hung that up. I found my nicest throw pillows and, yeah, I think it now looks like I have my shit together. The people on the call will definitely think I’m cool and worldly and interesting now. I’ll just have to remember to put it on mute before I fart.”


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