Fans Demand Director’s Cut Release of Pornhub video


HOLLYWOOD, CA – After a successful campaign to convince HBO to release the “Snyder cut” of “Justice League,” fans have started a similar campaign for the release of the director’s cut of the Pornhub video “Step sister alseep on couch BBC surprise DVDA”.

“We want to see ‘Step sister alseep on couch BBC surprise DVDA’ as the director intended it to be seen! Not the half-assed, joke filled bullshit that was uploaded to Pornhub by the producers after the director went on a 10-day meth binge and was missing for a while so he couldn’t finish the video,” said the originator of the petition, VagInspector69. “We want the full 23 minutes! Not the 10 minute mess that was uploaded and that didn’t even have all the money shots that were in the trailer.”

To date the petition has recorded over 200 signatures. The current “Step sister alseep on couch BBC surprise DVDA” video on Pornhub has been partially watched over five million times.

The producers of the video, Slim Slidey XXX, have yet to respond to the petition. Additionally, the director was unavailable for comment.


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