Coworkers Don't Want to Hear About Man's Dungeons and Dragons Game


SALEM, OR – The coworkers of Ben Magnerson still do not want to hear about Magnerson’s Dungeons and Dragons game.

“We get it, he really enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends and it sounds like he has a great time, but no one wants to hear about it,” said Magnerson’s coworker, Linda Freemont. “It’s like dreams. No one wants to hear about another person’s dreams. Unless they are sexy dreams. But… oh my god, if (Magnerson) started to tell us about sexy Dungeons and Dragons things I might hurl. Unless it was really hot stuff. But, let’s face it, there is nothing sexy about Ben. And definitely nothing sexy going on in that Dungeons and Dragons game, even if they think it’s sexy.”

Every Monday Magnerson tries to tell his coworkers about the previous weekend’s Dungeons and Dragons game.

“Oh man, it was so funny,” said Magnerson. “Last Saturday Glorbath, he’s the half-elf cleric, he was trying to pick a lock on a treasure chest that we found while searching for Brastoom’s Talisman in the Caves of Denginin’nor but the treasure chest was actually a mimic and he totally failed the check and the mimic bit him and he tried to cast firestorm but he was out of spell slots and… wait, where are you going?”


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