Ad For Used Car Touted As "Best Deal Ever"

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OLYMPIA, WA – Representatives from the Consumer Reports Magazine are calling the Washington Sentinel Classifieds’ ad for a used car, “The best deal ever.” The three line add for an ’81 Toyota Supra was listed on February 23 and immediately had major automakers scrambling to head off what certainly could be the end of the auto industry as we know it.

The add, posted by local security guard Lester Banks, states the car comes complete with “147,000 miles, AM/FM, A/C, PS and almost new tires.” But what has the auto world taking notice is Lester’s asking price of $1,500 or best offer.

Chester Emerson, Senior Vice President of J.D. Powers and Associates, has examined the car in person.

“It has a lot of body damage, no muffler and it makes a loud knocking sound when it is running. But after careful consideration, (J.D. Powers and Associates) have determined that you just can’t argue with his asking price? I can not fathom any car manufacturer offering as good a value as this. Mr. Banks may have inadvertently changed the way the ‘Big Three’ automakers do business. In order to match this price they would have to serious cut backs in the production of new cars… and if they did that people would probably die. Probably,” Emerson said.

Chevrolet and Ford declined an interview, however Ford issued a written statement late last week.

“As consumers across the United States know, The Ford Motor Company has always been a reliable and affordable leader in the Automobile Industry. While Mr. Banks has certainly raised the bar when it comes to value, Ford feels that Mr. Banks will not be able to continue selling automobiles at this price. As basic economic rules dictate, he will soon be forced to raise prices to current industry levels or face massive losses eventually forcing him to shut down. It is an unfair rule but one governed by the free market economy. We wish Mr. Banks the best and look forward to dealing with him in the future.”

Denying his sale is a play for power in the American Auto market, Banks claims this is a one time deal and there are no other cars to be sold.

“I don’t know what those guys are even talking about. All I want to do is sell my car. I’ve had it since, well for a long time and I want something new for a change. And between you and me, that thing is a piece of shit,” Banks said. “I need a car that’s a chick magnet and it wouldn’t hurt if the thing didn’t smell like my ass.”

The ad has been listed in the Washington Sentinel Classifieds’ for 3 weeks and Banks says it will remain there until the car is sold.

“I’ve had a couple calls but no real solid leads yet. There was one guy that came to look at it and he said he was gunna call back but he never did. I’m hoping to get rid of it by spring so I can get a nice convertible. Chicks dig convertibles, right?” Banks said.


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