High School Coach Dislikes Kid for No Reason

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PARKER, CO – Local high school football coach doesn’t like high school athlete Kyle McDavid for no apparent reason. As a result, Kyle McDavid will not be on the Johnson Ridge High School varsity football team.

“He doesn’t like me. Otherwise I’d be starting tight-end like I was in pee-wee football,” said Kyle McDavid. “My mom and dad think I’m the best and they tell me I’m the best all the time. Coach Abbott just doesn’t like me. I’m gonna go play Halo.”

The coach, Martin Abbott, refuses to give McDavid a spot on the varsity team despite McDavid’s parent’s assurance that McDavid is one of the best players on the team.

“Kyle would be on the varsity team that coach (Abbott) doesn’t like (Kyle),” said Kyle McDavid’s mother, Tanya McDavid. “There’s no reason for him not to like our little boy. I don’t know what (Abbott’s) problem is! We are looking at maybe transferring (Kyle) to another school – one with a coach that likes our boy. But at the very least I will tell all the other mothers in the neighborhood that Coach Abbott is a jerk who hates kids for no reason.”

According to records obtained by The Scoop News, Abbot t only allows 45 to 50 players on the high school varsity football team.

“You can’t look me in the eye and tell me there are 50 kids better at football than Kyle. It ain’t gonna fly,” said Kyle McDavid’s father, Vince McDavid. “I watched my kid play most of his games or the last couple years and I know he’s at least as good as that Branderson kid. That coach (Abbott) just hates my kid and I don’t know why. If I ever catch him in a parking lot I’ll just explain to him how good my boy is and that (Abbott) better open his eyes.”

Coach Abbott was unavailable at press time but did release a statement.

“Do I dislike Kyle McDavid? Yes. I hate all kids. I’m a football coach. Hating kids comes with the job. I also have no idea who Kyle McDavid is. Maybe he should be better at football so I pay attention to him,” stated Abbott.


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