Did O'Connor Dis Albright With this Tweet?

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Sandra Day O'Connor may have dissed former pal Madeleine Albright in a recent tweet.
Sandra Day O'Connor may have dissed former pal Madeleine Albright in a recent tweet.
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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Sandra Day O’Connor posted a tweet yesterday that may or may not have been a dig at former pal Madeleine Albright.

The tweet which read “Where all my bitches @? Time to get split!  LOL #FUNKYTOWN” is being perceived by a couple people with lots of free time as a dig at Albright as Albright once used the word “my” in a speech at Harvard University.

“(O’Connor’s tweet) is a pretty sick burn!” said Twitter user Shelly Brebart. “It’s totally a slam on Madeleine ‘cus Madeleine has been, like, stalkin’ around Sandra’s ex bae, trying to get in the club. But Sandra is all like, whatever, so she posted that tweet which totally tells Madeleine off. It’s not, like all there (in the tweet) but you know what she meant. It’s obvious if you look at the subtext.”

Over the past few weeks, some Twitter users have begun to speculate that a feud may be building between O’Connor and Albright. While there exists absolutely no proof of this feud, some Twitter users view the recent tweet by O’Connor as a clear indication that O’Connor and Albright’s relationship has soured.

“(O’Connor and Albright) use to be tight. I saw some Instagrams of O’Connor and Albright at the beach and they looked all chill AF, but I think that Sandra is a total drama whore so I’m sure she probably was hitting on Madeleine’s bae. Probably,” said Twitter user Flora Austling. “Just look at (O’Connor’s) face in this selfie. She a smug bitch that thinks she can just shit all over Maddie’s corn flakes. But look at this selfie from Maddie. She’s lookin’ at (O’Connor) and she’s all like ‘I’ma fuq dat bitch up!’”

Albright doesn’t appear to have responded to the tweet but did post a tweet several hours later stating “Tacos up in this bitch!!! LOL 4REALZ #TACOTACOTACO.”

“Yo, I don’t think that was a direct comment toward Hurricane Sandy, but then again everybody know that Mad Maddie loves her some taco,” said Twitter user Ward Christopher. “Then again, everybody loves tacos, so it could just be a coincidence. I mean if (Albright) had said something like ‘yummy down on this taco’ and then posted that pic of Sandy Vagina stuffing tacos into her face, then it would totally have been a major dis.”

Both O’Connor and Albright declined to comment.

“Hopefully they go all Kanye and Wiz and make up before shit goes too far,” Brebart said. “If Clarence Thomas were to get involved like Amber Rose got involved, then we all lose. They just need to get back to being the best, bad ass besties that they were. Unless of course Sandy brings up the time that Maddie supposedly gave A-Bomb Scalia a handy during a black out party, then that bitch gotta get what coming to her.”


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