Guide to This Holiday Season’s Hottest Toys

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House plants, like the one here, are one of the hottest gifts for this holiday season.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Getting children the perfect gift if always the hardest part of any holiday season – especially when there are so many toys and games to choose from. To help parents through this stressful time of the year, The Scoop News has compiled a list of this holiday season’s hottest toys.

A plant
It’s seems simple but plants are going to become increasingly hard to find so why not get your child something that no other kid has? In California there are only seven plants left in the entire state so you’d better act quick and snatch one up before someone else does or before it dies. And the best part about this gift is that, assuming you can find one, plants are free.

Stare Out the Window and Try to Cope; The Game
This game is all the rage for older kids – kids even as old as 25. The objective of Stare Out the Window and Try to Cope; The Game is to earn points by staring out a window, thinking about the current and future state of the world and not crying. Points are awarded for every minute a player can stare, think and not cry. The first player to 5 wins! The game can be played with a group or alone and points so if your kid has no friends, they can still enjoy the game.

Bucket of Dried Paint
To be honest, we here at The Scoop aren’t sure why this toy has become so popular. The best guess we have is that some kid on YouTube said how much fun he had with a bucket of dried paint so every kid in the country wants one. The good news is that these are relatively easy to find but finding the right color for your child might be difficult.

Chores; The Game
Virtual reality games are going to be huge for years to come and the first one to really make an impact this year will be Chores; The Game. This VR game simulates doing household chores like doing dishes or raking leaves. Kids will spend hours on this game but they may not have time to do their actual chores so you will still need to keep the maid.

As political and social correctness makes parents second guess every decision, one easy toy to get your child is Doll. Doll is blue, human-shaped doll that has no distinguishing features. This doll should allow your child to still play with a doll but you don’t have to worry about what the doll represents. Win-win!


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