Hot, New Restaurant Only Serves Crusts Cut from Children’s Sandwiches

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Chef Belleviste has started a new restaurant that serves only crusts sourced from local families.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Bay Area’s hottest new restaurant is making a name for itself in both menu and sustainability by offering only crusts cut from local children’s sandwiches.

The restaurant, Le Cruste, is the brainchild of Michelin star chef A’Ron Belleviste. Belleviste was inspired to start the restaurant after cutting the crusts off his children’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“I had just finished cutting the crusts off my kids sandwiches and you know, (the crusts were) pretty much my lunch so they wouldn’t go to waste,” said Belleviste. “So, as I was choking those sonsabitches down, I thought to myself ‘holy fucking shit I bet there are fucking people out there that would eat this shit and we could fucking make it like a sustainability thing for the fucking fucks to get all excited about and shit.’ And yeah, that’s where the idea came from – the fact that my picky kids won’t eat crusts for some fucking reason.”

Le Cruste serves a variety of crusts that are locally sourced from Bay Area families.

“We have a team that drives around the local neighborhoods and collects crusts that have gone uneaten,” said Belleviste. “Then we bring the crusts back here, hit them with some cardamom and maybe some saffron and serve them up. Now I know what you’re probably thinking, but no, we don’t just serve them how we get them. We sauté that shit, or in a couple cases we’ll make a nice panzanella and we will drizzle them with some crème fraiche. There’s this one lady that we get stuff from who only serves her kids foie gras sandwiches, and holy shit, we don’t need to do anything with that.”

Belleviste said food sustainability is one of his biggest passions as well as keeping overhead extremely low.

“Food shouldn’t go to waste. It’s as simple as that,” said Belleviste. “And yeah, sure we collect our food that would otherwise get thrown out or maybe eaten by like a dog or something and we don’t have to pay for it and we then charge a shit load to serve it to people but it’s all in the name of ensuring that we aren’t wasteful. We turn that shit into gold. Especially the PB&J crusts that we wrap in gold leaf and deep fry. God damn is that shit good, even Thomas Keller would approve.”

Le Cruste opened last month and has sold out of all menu items every day since.

“I waited in line for three hours and it was everything I could have imagined,” said customer, Flo Bresdy. “I’m not sure what I had but I think there was some mayo on it so maybe like a tuna sandwich or maybe just a b.l.t.? Whatever it was the chef made it amazing by putting a small piece of mint next to it and two little pieces of saffron. I’ll definitely be back.”


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