Fender Releasing New Guitar Designed to Sit in the Background of Video Conference Calls

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The new Leanacaster guitar sits in the background ready for a video conference call.
The new Leanacaster guitar sits in the background ready for a video conference call.
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FULLERTON, CA – Guitar manufacturer Fender will be releasing a new line of guitars designed specifically to sit in the corner of a room during video conference calls.

“Our new line of guitars, the Leanacaster series, are specifically designed to sit in the corner of your room looking really, really cool, while you are on a video call,” said Mike Arceus, Head of Product Development for Fender. “We’ve used state of the art design techniques to make sure that when displayed on a computer screen, these guitars will look totally awesome and hip and… rockin’.”

With the initial offering, the Leanacaster will have two body style choices and will come in a variety of colors and finishes, but they will not actually function as a real guitar.

“The Leanacaster will look like a guitar… from a distance,” said Fender Design Engineer, Phil Bonder. “But when you get close you’ll see that it’s not actually a guitar, per se. It will actually be a piece of pressed wood fiber painted to look like a guitar with a small little Bluetooth speaker built in just in case someone is asked to play the guitar. Let’s say on the off chance someone on a videocall is asked about their Leanacaster they can pick it up, hold it just off camera, and pretend to play it as music is played from the Bluetooth speaker. We built this feature so that people don’t think Leanacaster owners are posers. They are posers but not everyone needs to know that, I guess.”

According to Guitar Magazine, guitars sitting in the corner of a room have become popular as remote working has increased.

“When people want a to show that they are cool and that they are interesting while on video conference calls they do that by placing a guitar in the background… somewhere in the room behind them,” said Guitar Magazine Editor, Angel Bramas. “Back in the before time when everyone was working in an office, you had many things that you could use to show off how awesome you are. You could have a nice car or an expensive watch. Some people had really nice suits. But working from home, it’s a lot harder to show those things off. Am I really going to join a meeting at home in a three-piece, tailored suit? Fuck no! They’re lucky if I’m actually wearing pants most days.”

Despite not being a playable instrument, the Leanacaster will start a $700.

“We’ve priced the Leanacaster to reflect the craftmanship that goes in to all Fender products but also keeping in mind that it’s just a piece of pressed board that isn’t actually a guitar,” said Bonder. “But when you buy a Fender you know that you are getting a quality guitar or, in this case, guitar shaped piece of wood.”

The Leancaster will officially go on sale in October, and already the response is positive, with presales of the “instrument” exceeding 10,000 units.

“I can’t wait to get my Leancaster,” said Alan Bell, who was one of the first people to pre-order. “I have zero, and I mean zero musical ability but now, nobody I work with will know that. I might even be able to work this thing into some tail, because there is this new girl Jenna, in our online Dungeons and Dragons game and Hersch said she is a total groupie to musicians. My buddy is a bass player and even he went out with her a couple times. So yeah, when she sees my new axe, those panties are going to be off faster than a DC Comic movie bombs!”


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