15 Amazing Places to Spend a Summer Vacation

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According to several vacation experts, Steve’s garage is a great place to spend some time this summer.
According to several vacation experts, Steve’s garage is a great place to spend some time this summer.

LOS ANGELES, CA – As people across the country start planning their summer vacations, The Scoop News has reached out to travel industry experts for a list of this year’s top summer vacation destinations.

Here is that list:

Steve’s garage
“Steve’s garage is definitely a hot spot this year,” said vacation specialist Ed Michaels. “It has everything that you’d want in a great vacation spot – a broken Coors neon sign, a freezer full of unidentifiable food, random parts to random appliances, a couple of bikes with flat tires and three lawn chairs with a cooler in between. What isn’t to like about that?”

Kayenta, AZ
“Steve told me about this really pretty place just outside Monument Valley where he went with his wife… well, ex-wife I guess,” said AirBnB blogger, Gary Wintraub. “It’s a bummer they got divorced. Steve is taking it pretty hard. Poor guy. But yeah, the pictures I’ve seen of the area around Kayenta look very pretty so maybe check it out this summer? It looks like a western film. Maybe you will see some cowboys out there!”

Steve’s gazebo
“Steve put a lot of time in that gazebo and it’s kinda just sitting there, not getting much use. A shame really,” said Travel Agent, Darcey Powers. “So this summer why don’t you plan a trip over to Steve’s and hang out in the gazebo? You might even get lucky and see one of the racoons that’s taken up shelter underneath the gazebo. Hopefully, they don’t have rabies. But if they do then you’ll get a bonus vacation to the emergency room! Especially if they take you to St. Judes!”

Milepost 178 on I-90, SD
“According to Steve, there is no better place to have an existential crisis then on I-90 somewhere in South Dakota,” said Social Media Influencer, Hammy Goebel. “Steve says it’s great because there is nothing out there and you can really focus on existence and whether or not there’s any point to all of it. And if you decide that there is no meaning to life you won’t have anyone around to stop you from ending it! So, pack up the kids this summer and head out to milepost 178 on I-90!”

Steve’s hot tub
“Although it’s not really a hot so much as it’s a regular tub with hot water in it, Steve’s hot tub is a great place to relax and if that’s not what summer vacation is about then I’m not sure what it is about,” said Travel Agent, Preston Bluegrass. “The only downside to this vacation spot is that the tub is only big enough for one person so if you bring the family everyone will have to wait in the hall until it’s their turn in the tub.”

34th floor of the WillisTower, Chicago, IL
“Steve worked in the Sears Tower, or the Willis Tower as it’s known today, back in the 90s and said the 34th floor had a great view and his favorite breakroom,” said New York Times Vacation Columnist, Carly Humnd. “It’s also where Steve met his second wife, you know, Gretta, but that’s not why he likes it. If you are looking for a great view and a great breakroom this summer then I think you can take Steve’s word for it and head up to the 34th floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago.”

Steve’s crawl space
“There is just so much to see and do in that crawl space, Steve has really set it up nice,” said Travel Agent, Clint Rommey. “Look to your left and you can see all the boxes from his Precious Moments collection. Look right and those are his Christmas decorations. Now I’m not going to spoil anything, but you are not going to believe what he has stashed in the far corner. I’ll give you a hit, it’s a commemorative plate!”

Tied up in the back of a station wagon, cruising cross country
“Steve once told me that the best trip he ever took was that summer when he took that stranger up on his offer of free candy and got to see the world through the rusted out tailgate of a 1980 Country Squire,” said vacation blogger, Denise Logan. “That just sounds so peaceful. Lying back, not moving, just starring at the world passing you by and not having a care in the world. Well, no cares aside from whether you’re about to be murdered. It just sounds, nice.”

Steve’s man cave which is just a hole he dug in the backyard
“What’s the hole for? Why did he dig it? Can I pee in it? These are just some of the questions that will come across your mind as you’re staring at the marvel that is Steve’s hole!” said VacationNation.com founder, Marty Freedman. “It’s like a mini Grand Canyon is you’ve never see the actual Grand Canyon.”

Bangor, Maine
“Bangor is such a fun name. Steve and I laugh about it all the time. He’ll call me up and say…Bangor! And then hang up,” said a guy standing on the corner, Dave Marion. “Also, Steve says this is the city where the Italian-American war started so while you are there making Bangor jokes you can also learn some history!”

Steve’s neighbors guest bedroom because window faces Steve’s bedroom
“This is definitely one of the hot spots because it’s really exclusive and tough to get in,” said Kayak.com Marketing Manager, Debby Gorizzle. “The key is to get in there early, or late, you know, some point where the Steve’s neighbor isn’t going to be around. Then you just have to shimmy the back door, go into the guest bedroom and see Steve’s place from a whole new angle. Just remember to knock before going into the bedroom, because last time I was there I accidentally walked in on Dennis Logan jacking it while staring at Steve mowing his lawn.”

Philadelphia, Mississippi
“No, not that Philly. I’m talking about the one in Mississippi!” said vacation and travel expert, Calvin Magnass. “Steve called me from a pay phone in Philadelphia, Mississippi once and he said it was ‘ok.’ If you know Steve then you know that ‘ok’ is a ringing endorsement! I personally would never go to Mississippi for any reason but I think you can take Steve’s word for it and head out there this summer.”

The Subway around the corner from Steve’s house where he eats dinner
“If you want to get yourself a good, hearty meal, then look no further than the Subway right around the corner from Steve’s,” said part-time travel blogger, Adam Marks. “If you’re lucky, you can catch the man himself, Steve, there eating his daily Italian BMT and crying over what his life could have been like. I feel ya Steve! That sandwich always brings a tear to my eye, too!”

Out front of Steve’s ex wife’s new house
“Cindy was so good for Steve, but Steve was so bad for her,” said Denny’s Manager, Ed Edwards. “It’s a wonder that they are still kind of friends. Well, they don’t really talk to her, and she has called the cops on us when we were hanging out in front of her new place. But really, that was Dennis Logan’s fault for jacking it in the driveway.”

Venice beach
“A beautiful city and a beautiful beach… need we say more?” Cosmopolitan travel writer, Candice Fremming.


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