Woman on Bus Wants to Know "What She Say?"


MEMPHIS, TN – A woman on the 33 bus wants to know “what she say?”

According to other passengers, it’s currently unclear if the woman is talking to someone on the phone or if she is talking to someone invisible.

“The lady back these keeps asking someone, we don’t know who, she keeps asking them ‘what she say?’” said bus passenger Shelia Estered. “It looks like the woman is pretty worked up. I just wish who ever she is talking to would tell her what she said.”

The woman, has been asking “what she say” for the last 15 minutes and does not appear to be stopping anytime soon.

“For the love of Jesus, someone one tell that lady what she say so we can all get on with our lives and we don’t have to listen to this anymore,” said another passenger Trent Opperlt. “Someone, anyone, tell her what she say! Tell us all what she say!”


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