Dress Code Forces Man to Dress like an Adult


KANSAS CITY, KS – A newly implemented dress code has forced local developer Curt Dressop to dress like an adult.

“This is total bullshit. Bullshit,” said Dressop.

Intraframix, the software company where Dressop works, recently implemented a new dress code requiring, among other things, all employees to wear pants or skirts that go below the knee.

“It’s bullshit,” said Dressop. “I guess someone wore just underwear to work one day and now all of a sudden we all have to wear pants? Why do we all have to pay because someone wore underwear? This is America! I should be able to wear shorts and a sports t-shirt that almost fits and flip flops and a baseball hat to work if I want! Pants? To work? That’s bullshit!”


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