Smiley Face Used Insincerely in Email


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The smiley face placed at the end of an email sent by Project Manager Tish Wasserman may be insincere.

“I think… I think the smiley face (Wasserman) put there at the end of that sentence… I think she doesn’t actually mean… like… ‘I’m all smiley about this,’” said Wasserman’s coworker, Gail Benson, who was the recipient of the email. “I think she doesn’t mean it and I don’t think she should have put it there if she doesn’t mean it. I’ve been thinking about it since I got that email yesterday and… she shouldn’t have used a smiley face if she doesn’t actually mean smiley face. But what if she did mean smiley face? I don’t think she did. But what if she did? Maybe I should go ask her about it. But then what if she lies how will I know? I just… I just need to know if she meant that smiley face. Here, what do you think? Look at this email and tell me what you think. Did she mean that smiley face or is she just like, being passive aggressive or whatever? I just need someone to tell me.”

Wasserman responded a request for comment via email stating “Gail is great and super smart :).”


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