Leary Transmits LSD Through the Internet

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Timothy Leary, LSD activist and counter-culture icon.
Timothy Leary, LSD activist and counter-culture icon.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Earlier this month, friends and family of the late Timothy Leary, noted drug enthusiast, uncovered one of Leary’s journals, one that holds what the man had been studying in the days before his tragic death. Discussed in the journal was a theory that LSD, Leary’s drug of choice, could be transmitted electronically over phone lines and introduced to the body through the user’s mouse.

Leary theorized that the LSD could be stored in any ordinary file on any ordinary internet server, waiting dormant until the file is downloaded. Upon completion of the downloading process the effects are almost immediate.

Common effects of this new kind of drug are blurring, hallucinations, tracers, changing colors. But most of all the shit begins to get all weird. Like for a moment you’ll think you see like Bee Arther’s face and MAN you will TOTALLY FREAK the fuck out.

Especially cus of those twisted dudes down the hall that eat the kittens. Man I’ve heard them. One Time one of them came out with fucking horns on his head and he was fucking a cat while licking its head. And… fuck did you see that shit? I see.

Yeah, that was the shit, them guys all up in that and shit, it was like woa!, you know, cause then the little guy was there yelling that he wasn’t wearing socks and then he just disappeared.
Through time and space into a galaxy of the oneness

that man can stop

if they become together into the hand of the queen. Fuck Yeah!

everywhere man. Then the big one,
that big little fucker went and tried to throw his shit
at me, but it was goin really slow, and I was able to get out of the way.

But then the thing laughed and the wave came out of its mouth and I couldn’t duck those and they knocked me over and then I was sitting in the shit but it didn’t smell like ass, it smelled like strawberries and I was walking down the street and this fucking thing came out of the sewer and said that the iceberg was melting so I ran and ran into fuckin Barbra Bush and she was all freaky lookin and purple and shit and then she exploded.

God Damn. I fucking…..yeah I ah… shit.


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