Phrase "Wassup" to be Retired

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The Catch Phrase Hall of fame will induct "Wassup" in late October.
The Catch Phrase Hall of fame will induct "Wassup" in late October.

BANGOR, ME – During a press conference sponsored by the Society for Furthering Language Studies, board members announced the popular saying “Wassup?” will be retired into the Catch Phrase Hall of Fame on October 28.

The phrase, which first gained national recognition appearing in a Budweiser commercial, will be given the prestigious spot between “Where’s the beef?” and “Totally Gnarly.”

“This really is an incredible honor for my friends and I,” Paul Williams, director and originator of the saying said. “It came as a total shock. Our words will be in there with some of the biggest sayings ever. It took ‘Where’s the Beef’ like five years to get in there, and that is a classic. I thought we might get in there eventually, but never this soon. Sure this means that the phrase is going out of fashion, but what a way to go.”

For the past year, nary a person can walk into a room and not hear the famous tagline.

“Dude, that one was so fuckin’ cool. It was just like ‘wassssssssup’ and everybody, I mean everybody would turn and say ‘wasssssssup.’ That was great. That was how me and my boys said ‘hey’ for months man,” said Todd Jones, a student at the University of Maryland. “I mean, I don’t think I’ve used a word so much since that ‘juxtaposition’ fad a few years ago. Man, that was so juxtapositionly cool.”

The Catch Phrase Hall Of Fame opened seven years ago in Bangor, Maine, immediately inducting such classic catch phrases as “Baby Got Back,” “Who’s Your Daddy” and the immortal “Who Farted?” Since its inception, the hall has offered a home to all the worn out and incredibly stupid sayings that have taken the nation by storm.

“The decision to include ‘Wasssup’ in the hall was not an easy one,” explained Hall director, Hans Grollman. “We agonized over it for two weeks, but then we realized that it was used entirely too much too soon, and now the saying is, how do you say, passĂ©? In the end it came down to ‘Wassup’ and ‘Beoatch’ and we all agreed that ‘Wassup’ had a more mainstream feel. This is a family oriented establishment after all and while ‘Beoatch’ certainly meets all of our criteria, we discovered the saying seems to frighten white upper-middleclass Americans.”

Festivities for the induction will take place at the Catch Phrase Hall of Fame beginning Oct. 23 continuing through the week until the ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 28.


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