C-List Celebrity in the News for Participating in Meme

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – A C-list celebrity has posted a video online of themselves participating in a popular internet meme.

In the homemade video posted on YouTube, the C-list celebrity acts silly and mugs to the camera while imitating the original viral video that started the meme.

“I saw the video when my other C-list celebrity friend sent me the link on my Sidekick,” said the C-list celebrity. “I forwarded it on to my agent and he said I should make a video of myself doing it to help ‘my brand,’ whatever that means. So I did! It was fun. I mean, it took about two days to get it right and we tried a bunch of different angles to make sure I looked good, but it was fun. Then I sent the video to my agent and he put it online and let all the media outlets know it was out there. Then my agent made me have lunch at some restaurant where the paparazzi was hanging out so (the paparazzi) could take picture of me eating lunch. It was fun. Of course I had to pay for the lunch, and that wasn’t that fun. But hey, anything that helps me get a job. I would kill for a spot on the next season of Teen Wolf.”

The original video, featuring two teenagers acting silly and singing or dancing or something was posted two weeks ago. Within a short time of it posting the video has over one million YouTube views.

“We were just messing around, ya know?” said Beckah Morgan, one of the original stars of the meme. “I mean, me and Madison, we were just being nerds and filming ourselves doing something like dancing or maybe we were singing or maybe we fell down in a funny way. Anyways, we didn’t think anything would ever come from it. I mean I hoped that Mason (Alexander) would see it and totally ask me out, but that’s about it. I didn’t think that it would be this huge thing. I just wanted to be felt up by the hottest guy in school.”

The C-list celebrity isn’t the first celebrity to post a video online of themselves participating in the meme. Earlier this week three other C and D-list celebrities posted similar videos.

“There are a ton of people that have been copying the video lately,” Morgan said. “I saw that one guy who played the girl’s ex on that one episode of that one show doing a version of our video. I think it’s kinda sad. I mean, that guy was kind of cute, and I would totally let him feel me up. But to see that, I gotta admit, it’s kind of sad. I mean I thought he was ok on that show but no he just seems creepy and desperate.”

According to internet expert Coral Freeman, second and third tier celebrities are participating in popular memes more and more regularly.

“A couple years ago you would have seen the celebrities making sex tapes but those are so… eh. No one makes those anymore. Now if you want to make headlines you make a video of you singing ‘Call Me Maybe’ or whatever the current hot viral video is,” said Freeman. “To see an example of this, all you have to do is look at Keanu Reeves. Before he was in that ‘Sad Keanu’ meme, pretty much everyone in the world thought he had died. Seriously, if you walked up to someone this time last year and asked them about (Reeves) they would have told you that he died during a bout of auto-erotic asphyxiation.”


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