Music Blogger Rewrites "Best of" Article After Readers Recognize Several Albums

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LOS ANGELES, CA – A local music blogger has been forced to rewrite his “best of the decade” article after several of his readers responded that they agreed with his list.

“I thought I created a really eccentric list of albums that no one had heard before but… I was wrong and I need to redo (the list) because, like, two people commented on my list saying that they liked a lot of the same stuff,” said music blogger, Jacob Montgomery. “I mean, why even put together a list of the best albums of the decade if other people have heard them? That’s not the point of these lists. The point is for people to read your list and think ‘jeez, this guy sure knows a lot about music because I’ve never heard of any of these albums.’ Otherwise, you know, it’s just like… a list of things that are good. That’s not what being a music blogger is all about.”

Montgomery realized he needed to rewrite his list when a reader responded to his inclusion of FeVVVVer’s album ‘Mommy Juice.’

“I saw some comment that said ‘Mommy Juice’ should probably have been higher and The Floppy Thang Theory’s album ‘Fastfisting’ should have been a little lower,” said Montgomery. “The fact that someone out there knows both those albums… that’s a bummer. I’ll have to find some stuff way more obscure. Maybe an album that doesn’t actually exist.”

It is customary for music bloggers to generate lists at the end of each year and decade. The items on the list are intended to show how sophisticated and unique a blogger’s taste in music is relative to all other music listeners.

“The thing that scares music bloggers the most is someone reading their blog and actually knowing the music the blogger is writing about – assuming the blogger is talking positively about music,“ said Music Blogger Academy blogger, Brody Garfield. “Of course if the blogger is trashing a particular piece of music then it’s important that the music is popular and that everyone knows it and generally likes it. But none of this is really secret. It’s been common knowledge for years and years now.”

Montgomery spent 23 weeks putting together his “best of the decade” list and during that time listened to dozens of obscure albums that his friends had never heard.

“I vetted my list against my friends and none of them had heard of those albums so I thought I was good,” said Montgomery. “Apparently my friends are too mainstream. I knew they didn’t have as good of a taste in music as I do but I didn’t realize they were that… bad.”

Montgomery hopes to have his new list published by the end of 2020.

“You know the real end of the decade is the end of 2020 so really I am actually getting my list out on the correct date,” said Montgomery.


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