Gambling Apps to Allow Users to Contact Athletes

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Gamblers will soon be able to contact athletes directly using sports betting apps.
Gamblers will soon be able to contact athletes directly using sports betting apps.
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LAS VEGAS, NV – Several of the largest sports betting apps will soon allow users to contact individual athletes directly through the app.

“Gangsters and other mob-type people have been able to contact athletes directly since… well, since forever,” said DraftKings Media Relations Director, Curt Horvok. “It’s only fair that anyone placing a bet should be able to contact a player. Because if there is one thing we want gambling to be it’s fair. Hahahaha. Don’t publish that. The laugh I mean. I don’t give a shit about the fairness thing. That makes me look like an honest, caring individual which I’m obviously not.”

According to DraftKings, the move to direct athlete contact is designed to offer a more professional gambling experience.

“We pride ourselves on offering a full gambling experience and that should include contacting athletes and threatening them,” said DraftKings Marketing Director, Zach Zambin. “For example, if you put a ton of cash on the Dolphins to beat the Broncos you will want to do everything you can to ensure that the Dolphins have the best chance of winning and that might include sending a message to Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and “encouraging” him to throw the game or something bad might happen to someone he might know. That’s just an example but threatening players is just part of gambling so we want to make sure every random person has that same experience available to them.”

DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Ceasers will allows users of their mobile apps to contact athletes after placing a bet on the athlete’s respective team or sport.

“After placing a bet on a game users will be able to select players from the teams to threaten using an icon on the game screen. See, it looks like a little gun,” said Ceasers Sportsbook Lead Developer, Micha Hertwell. “Here, say I’m betting on the Bruins Capitals game. I just place the bet, then, see… here I just press this little icon and select a player. I’ll select Ovechkin… actually, no, not a good idea. He’s Russian and you don’t want to mess with Russians when it comes to gambling, believe me. I’ll pick… Oshie. Then I just type a little message to him that says something like ‘if you don’t lose this game I will cut off your mother’s toe and mail it to you’ or something like that. Then press send. It’s that easy. And I can tell you, it’s pretty damned effective.”

Many athletes are looking forward to the new messages from gamblers.

“I gotta say, it’s going to be fun to see what some of these people come up with,” said First Baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Derrik Winters,. “It’s just going to make people play that much harder you know? If someone were to contact me saying they were going to poison my mom if we don’t win, you best believe that I’m going to put some serious thought into actually playing hard. Maybe, who knows. The only real problem for me personally is that (The Diamondbacks) suck, so really everyone will be betting against us. But such is life.”

The sports betting companies are already looking forward to new enhancements to the new messaging feature that will allow the sending of images.

“Text is all well and good but some players may not take threats seriously without photo evidence so soon gamblers will be able to take pictures to accompany their threats,” said Zambin. “This will have the added benefit of giving us leverage over the gamblers if, you know, we need it for some reason in the future. Just sayin’… things happen, you know? We’d hate for there to be an accident.”


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