Local 22-Year-Old Was Definitely Going to Vote but Like… Stuff Came Up

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Cassie Toews said she was definitely going to vote but then didn't because stuff came up.
Cassie Toews said she was definitely going to vote but then didn't because stuff came up.

PORTLAND, OR – A local 22-year-old woman admits she did not vote in the recent election despite having every intention of doing so.

“I am really in to politics and stuff and like, abortion and homelessness and climate… all that stuff means a lot to me and I think it’s all important and I was def gonna vote and stuff but, like, Shel sent me this Tik Tok that was cray and so you know we had to post a response to that and then Dakota and I did brunch and I had to wait at home for some deliveries and stuff and then I went to Dylan’s house to just chill and then totes forgot that it was voting day until, like, the next day or something,” said Cassie Toews. “But totally, I so meant to vote but shit just got real heavy.”

Oregon mails ballots to all voters weeks before election date and offers voters the option of mailing completed ballots or dropping off completed ballots in designated collection bins prior to election day.

“I opened my ballot a couple days ago and I was def gonna fill it out but then I had to meet Kaylen for coffee and then we went over to The Pearl to look for a skirt that Kindra told us about and then we met Charlie for tea and then had dinner with Miguel,” said Toews. “Oh and then we went down to Pioneer Square ‘cus this crazy mofo was down there like painting with poop or something and we all decided that we had to see that and, you know, by the time that was all done we were tilt A F and just needed to go home and have a calming circle. You know how it goes.”

Some of Toews friends who say they probably voted understand how Toews could struggle to find the time to vote even though voting is important.

“I totes get it,” said Cici White. “Like… there is a lot going on right now with like inflation and like the homeless stuff and how like someone said crime is really bad and stuff. So, like… finding time to do all the stuff you need to do in a day is hard enough but then also having to vote… even though it is totally important and I’m definitely very political and stuff… it’s hard to fit it in, you know. I’m pretty sure I voted though. Like, I remember definitely filling in most of the circles and stuff about abortion.”

Although Toews has yet to vote in a state or federal election says she is committed to causes that she “feels strongly about and stuff.”

“Voting is like, literally, the most important thing you can do to save the planet and like make sure we have access to abortion and health stuff and, like… to make sure that racism is defeated,” said Toews. “If we don’t vote, then bad stuff can happen like babies not being allowed to be gay and some other shit, like inflation, and how oil is going to kill us all but then Shay said that there are these people that are like old A F and they are like… ‘you can’t kill that baby’ and I’m all like ‘bitch, you can’t tell me what to do’ ‘cus I’m not about to have a kid and get those gross lines around my stomach.”


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