10 Things People Don't Know About Dean in Accounting

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Dean Jeffries from Accounting.

ATLANTA, GA – It may seem as though Dean Jeffries in accounting is an open book but there are many things about Jeffries that many people do not know. To that end, The Scoop News has identified 10 things about Jeffries that people may find surprising.

10–He likes some movies but dislikes some other movies
Jeffries says that he enjoys several recent films such as “John Wick: Chapter 4”, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiney” but did not particularly like “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” and “Fast X”. He says he has not seen the Barbie movie but he may rent it sometime this fall, “after the hype dies down.”

9 – He thinks there might be something wrong with his foot
Since late July, Jeffries has had a pain in his foot but there is no visible bruise. Jeffries hasn’t seen a doctor yet but he says he is pretty sure there is something wrong with his foot.

8 – He has a third nipple but it’s not where you think
Upon learning that Jeffries has a third nipple one may assume that it is located on his chest. A review of Jeffries medical records has revealed that Jeffries third nipple is actually located on his lower back, just above his tattoo of a dolphin jumping over a rainbow.

7 – He has a cat or maybe it’s a dog
Jeffries was recently spotted walking a small animal on a leash in his neighborhood. The small animal has yet to be identified but it is likely the animal was either a small dog or a cat. Janet from Accounts Payable thinks it’s one of those “little yappie dogs” but Mary from HR is convinced it’s a cat. “(Jeffries) is one of those people that I think would totally walk a cat,” Mary said.

6 – He can control his toaster from his phone
Jeffries recently purchased a smart toaster that connects to an app on his phone. Since downloading the app Jeffries has been able to control the toaster from his phone, without having to be in the immediate vicinity of the toaster.

5 – He can tell the difference between Coke and Coke Zero but actually prefers Diet Pepsi
Unlike most Americans, Jeffries is able to tell the difference in taste between Coke and Coke Zero. Despite this unique ability, Jeffries says he prefers Diet Pepsi over both Coke and Coke Zero.

4 – He killed a man in college and hid the body in the Nevada desert
A review of Jeffries diary has brought to light an incident in college where Jeffries accidentally killed a man, drove the dead body out to the Nevada desert and buried the body. It’s unclear how Jeffries killed the man and why but the words “Daddy no” and “must clean” were repeated well over six thousand times in journal entries following the details of burying the body.

3 – He drives a 2015 Subaru Outback
Many of Jeffries coworkers may think that he doesn’t own a car as he takes mass transit to work every day, but Jeffries does, in fact, own a car – a blue, 2015 Subaru Outback to be exact. His license plate is Georgia NLFX-453.

2 – He thinks Jan from accounting would like his friend Will
“They would totally be a cute couple,” said Jeffries. “They’re both into Anime and they like Mexican Food. It’s pretty much a match made in heaven. And I’ve seen Will’s wiener, so I know Jan would be happy with that!”

1 – He hates pumpkin spice lattes
Nope, doesn’t care for them. He tried a Pumpkin Spice latte again this year to be sure and he still didn’t like it.


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