Local Man Annoys His Coworkers With Stupid, Pointless Story

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FLAGSTAFF, AZ – A humorous story related to coworkers by Philip Canseco has been generally regarded as a waste of everyone’s time. The story was about two men in Los Angeles on their way to a basketball game at the Staples Center but accidentally go first to the Great Western Forum.

Canseco had read the humorous story on a popular internet satirical news website.

“I thought the story was kinda funny,” said Canseco. “But then when I came in and told Kristen about it, she told me it was a stupid story and then just walked away. I thought that was kinda rude but I got pretty much the same reaction from everyone else I told the story too.”

Kristen Golightly has been working with Canseco for two years but was unwilling to listen to Canseco tell any more of the story.

“You know, typically I don’t really have a problem listening to Phil’s stories but this one… this one was dumb,” said Golightly. “I mean what the hell is so funny about two dumbasses going to the Forum instead of the Staples Center? So I told him how stupid it was and walked away.”

According to Golightly, Canseco has a history of telling horrible stories that are either not funny, or just never go anywhere.

“Every day (Canseco) comes in here and just starts talking,” Golightly said. “Every day I sit here and listen to him talk and usually, by the end of the day, I feel slightly more stupid. This Forum story was one of the worst stories ever though. I mean one, the story wasn’t even real. Two, the story was written like, five years ago. It’s not even remotely current. I mean, I didn’t even know what the Forum was. I thought he was talking about an online forum. (Phil) is going to hell for telling me the story and whoever wrote the story to begin with should probably be executed.”

Despite the fact that no one else thought his retelling of the story was funny, Canseco promises to keep letting everyone know how funny the story really is.

“All I can say is that it really is a funny story,” Canseco said. “Think about it. Two guys score tickets to the basketball game of the season. They get in their car, and drive to the Los Angeles Forum. But here’s the thing. When they get there, they realize that the Lakers don’t even play in the Forum anymore. No. They have since moved to the new arena the Staples Center. I tell you, that story is the essence of comedy. The only thing that would have been funnier that that would be if it wasn’t even basketball season.”


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