Niche Dating Sites Growing, Becoming More Popular

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OAKLAND, CA – In response to the growing number of niche dating websites, two new sites have started the debate of how specific is too specific.

The sites, and cater a relatively small demographic, many people are arguing that the online dating pool has become too segmented.

“I suppose it all started with J-Date,” said Chris Martin, founder of “They’re the first ones that really broke out with the niche model. People who want to date someone Jewish had a place where they would only get results that were Jewish. Makes sense, right? And it was a great idea. Well, that worked so well that others stood up and said ‘hey, I like fat chicks’ or ‘hey, I would like a farmer to plow my field.’ That’s where we are now. Any little thing you can think of that can define a person, no matter how small, has its own dating site. I happen to like chicks with one green eye and one blue eye. I know there are others out there like me and now we have a place to go to find people with one green eye and one blue eye.”

Online dating has become big business in the last several years, with busy Americans not having time or the desire to meet people by more old-fashioned means – like at an arranged wedding.

According to Sociologist Ellen Yeran, niche dating sites have made it even easier for a person to find exactly what they want.

“People use to get married because they had a whole bunch of things in common or they were at least desperate enough to just settle for whoever,” said Yeran. “Now, with online dating really being the only way people meet anymore, we as a people have become much more focused in what we want in a partner. Rather than a whole bunch of things in common we really only want one thing in common. I for one am in to dudes that are
Asian sadomasochists so I use the site”

The desire to meet someone just like him was what inspired Wade Arlington to start, a dating site that caters to people with Downs Syndrome.

“I like ham,” said Arlington, “My dog Buttons has a flat nose. When he breaths he goes ‘heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeee, whooooooooooo. Do you like Phineas and Ferb?”

While people who fall into the categories that these sites appeal to are happy, many other people see this trend as a bad thing.

“I’ve been single for almost all of my adult life,” said Melinda Brewer, 37, of Dayton, Ohio. “A few years ago I turned to on-line dating because my co-worker Jenny met her husband on it so I figured that I would give it a shot. If anything, I figured that I could get some action out if. You know, a little heavy petting. At first, when it was really only or eHarmony, it was easy to find a date because all of the guys were on one of those two sites. But lately, I can’t even get a response. The guys have all moved one to the more specific sites. I mean, it’s been almost a year since I’ve gotten a date out of I won’t even tell you how long it’s been since I’ve gotten finger blasted from a date. That’s really what I miss the most.”

Despite the outcry from single people across the country, new sites are popping up every day.

“Buttons farted and it smelled like poop,” Arlington said. “My mom said that I can go to Disneyland next year. I like Mickey Mouse. He has big ears. He has a dog too. But I like Buttons. He’s funny.”


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