Did 6-year-old Predict Rise of ISIS with This Picture?

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The internet is buzzing after a recent blog post suggested a local 8-year-old predicted the rise of ISIS with a picture drawn three years ago. In the picture, a person with the name “Isis” is standing as a giant, towering over other figures and a home.

OMG! That piture [sic] is unreal!!!!!!!!! That kid totes knew ISIS was gunna take over the world! How did that kid know? There [sic] sikick [sic]!” said one comment posted by Reddit user BoobsMan21313.

“Holy shit!!!!!! this girl knew about isis a couple years ago?” said another comment, posted by KlownsRKool. “I hope she doesn’t have a picture of me getting prison rapped. someone ask her if she has a picture of me getting prison rapped. seriusoly [sic]. i really need to know an dI [sic] need to now [sic] by tomorow [sic].”

Posted on Reddit early this week, the picture has already received more than 20,000 upvotes and more than 5,000 comments.

“If you take away the comments that call the kid ‘gay’ or that say the kid should kill himself there are still more than 100 comments by people who think that this kid from Albuquerque may have had some kind of psychic thing going on and she predicted the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq,” said Chris Skratson, Content Supervisor of Reddit. “I don’t see it, but that’s probably because I am not stupid. It’s a well known fact that kids can’t draw for shit. Have you seen the way they draw cars? Ridiculous. But I doubt this picture means anything or that this kid is somehow psychic. When I was a kid I drew a picture of my hitting the game winning home run in the World Series. That hasn’t happened yet. I mean, I may still have a chance to get drafted, I’m only 28, but still, it’s looking like a long shot.”

Experts in Parapsychology, the study of physic abilities, have said that while the picture does show signs of clairvoyance, more proof is needed.

“The kid might be a modern day Nostradamus, but we won’t know until we see more,” said Parapsychologist Sarah Herpsy. “(The picture) does have several things that point to this child having some level of psychic ability but without seeing more pictures and talking to her we won’t be able to tell if she is the real deal or if it’s just coincidence. But we need to do it quick. Because what if this kid has a picture of the world blowing up or a new Adam Sandler movie coming out. These are things we need to know about because we need to prepare. So we need to get in to this kid’s house and run our extensive tests.”

While there has been a lot of demand to see other pieces of art, skeptics have also commented on the girl’s picture stating that there is little to connect the image with any world even, let alone the rise of ISIS.

“I really don’t see it, it could be anything,” said Reddit user SicWheelz. “For all I know it could be a representation that men will always make more than women till women are able to make themselves bigger than men and not worry about the petty shit. I mean, bitches be all into that feminism stuff, right? Also, isn’t her sister named Iris? So maybe it’s just that the kid can’t spell for shit?”

The girl and her family refused to be identified or comment on the story but did release a couple crudely drawn pictures of people seemingly suffering terrible fates with the names of The Scoop News editorial staff members on the images.


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