Recent Report Says Rich People Hate Poor People

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – A recent economic study conducted by the Census Bureau has concluded that wealthy Americans actually hate poor Americans. The report also states that the rich consider themselves “much, much better” than poor people and that poor people consider rich people to be assholes.

“Really, this shouldn’t be a shock to most people, but we were really taken aback by how vehemently the rich hated the poor,” said Richard Folds, head researcher for the Census Bureau. “It was really eye opening. Most rich people would just a soon fuck their own dog than associate with poor people. Most rich people would just as soon fuck their dog after it had died than even see a poor person. And I’m talking raw dog here, with no protection. That’s a level of hate we haven’t seen since the Cosby Show.”

For poor Americans taking part in the study, the rich are a group to be jealous of and to mock.

“What’s interesting is that for the level of hate that the rich have for the poor, the feelings are just as strong for the poor towards the rich,” Folds said. “The major difference between the two groups is that the poor hate the rich in a completely different way. Of course they are jealous of rich people, but it goes much further than that. Poor people hate rich people so much that the only way (poor people) would fuck dead dogs is if a rich person paid them to do it. With or without protection. I know that won’t make sense to you right away but think about for a minute. And on top of that, the poor would fuck that dead dog solely out of spite. And for money. But also for the spite. Again… just think about that for a minute.”

While the reasons for the animosity between the rich and poor vary, a common factor is that the two groups do not have the same amount of money.

“The amount of money a person has is a definite sticking point between the two groups,” said Harvard Economics professor Quentin Tippson. “See, what a lot of people don’t understand is that rich people have a lot of money while poor people do not. This angers the poor people into an uncontrollable rage that causes them to work less and play the lottery more often so that they can become rich. It’s really a vicious cycle that only ends in disappointment.” Alcohol is also involved in there somewhere but we haven’t really studied that yet.

The study also finds that mutual dislike does not go unnoticed. According to the study, almost all participants were aware of the fact that the other group hates them.

“Oh yeah, I knows that those rich fucks hate on me, but you know what? They can go fuck themselves in their stank-ass rich asses,” said John Pfifer. “If I was all rich like I wouldn’t treat no poor-ass bitches bad. I wouldn’t have anything to do with them, but I wouldn’t talk shit about none of ‘em. Unless they was workin’ for me or some shit. Then I would be all treatin’ them like shit for not makin’ my coffee hot enough. Or too hot. Whatevah. I’d be rich sos I could do whatevah I wanted.”

The study was conducted over a five year time span and included a series of interviews with both Americans in the top and bottom five percent of wealth distribution.


what a fuck…is this true?

What is this suppose to be, its not nor informative. Also most poor people resent what the rich pay in taxes, so do I for that matter. My household makes just under 200k a year and we pay nearly a third of our income in taxes. Mitt Romney pays 15% and is worth millions, it just doesn’t seem fair is all.

i hate those rich assholes, because i have to work ten times harder for them on their fucking hamster wheel so i can fucken survive and theres no spare money to get ahead with because there trying to keep people poor so they stay rich. communism and socialist is the only solution to get back the power.

^well that’s your fault, not ours.

I don’t understand the hatred rich people display for working lower class? I was dealt a hard life full of lessons and humility for trying to survive another day. While they may be rich in this world judgement will be made on in the end. Im poor but at least I know I treated people from different walks of life the same. I think rich people are pathetic and insecure and love to tell you there better than you.

I’m a single registered nurse who plans on never having children as I know I will be more miserable than I am now knowing I won’t be able to provide the life I always dreamed of giving them. I plan to commit suicide when I longer can take care of myself. I’m making damn sure I will never experience someone having to wipe my ass. When that time comes I plan to fuck some rich assholes up on sight. Kiss my asssssss bitches!

I think the issue with rich people is they got everything handed to them and most haven’t worked very hard a single day in their life, and they expect this to be the way for themselves and their families, while they want to believe poor people are somehow responsible for their situation. I say the rich are not only underworked, but undertaxed as well. And, believe it or not they get more help from the public largesse per capita than even the very poorest individuals.

I use to be poor and suddenly I got rich. I started hating the poor because they remind me of what I use to be and remind me of my struggles. My hate isn’t personally directed at’s at the situation.

Maybe is not the rich thing but the privilege and unfairness.

There is a really interesting behaviour on the privileged that gave the word villain its current meaning, initially was meant for servants living at the villages, it was a fashion for the privileged to show contempt and snobery in very witty ways towards the same people that served them, this was probably because the privileged people were aware that they did not worked as other people and probably felt undeserved, feelings and attitudes like the British pairlament to see Irish farmers, the same people that fed them and helped sustain the country like lazy animals diminishing their work as unimportant, that led to policies that led to the potato famine, and instead of learning the lesson, we can still see how the british parilament still shows infantile displays of contempt and snobery agains its own regions.

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