New Abstinence Program Becoming Popular Among Teens, Parents


CHARLSETON, NC – All over the country, many schools and parent groups are turning to a new form of sex education called Abstinence in Hand. The program, which was developed by a Parent Teacher Organization group in Cleveland, Ohio stresses that the only way for a teenager to become fully abstinent is to masturbate at least five times a day.
“We started this group because we were tired of our kids getting more action than we do,” said Abstinence in Hand founder Mary Parker. “My son Brandon was with five or six girls a week. A. Week. That was not right. He could have caught nay number of diseases. So one day as I was pleasuring myself, I realized that if (Brandon) masturbated so much that he couldn’t possibly get it up anymore, then I wouldn’t have to worry about him catching herpes. It’s really a win win situation.”
Abstinence in Hand teaches kids the proper way to masturbate and even gives them free pornography to aid in the process.
“We give them porn because you really do need something to look at,” Parker said. “The thing is it has to be the really weird, messed up porn for it to work. Most teens can only jack off to normal porn twice in one day. So we found that if you throw in some porn with lesbians, bondage, fat chick or hell, even hermaphrodites, we can get our kids up to five, sometimes six sessions a day.”


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