Child Finds Solace in Lying


BOSIE, ID – The seven-year-old son of Will and Jeena Johnson, Brently, has admitted to his parents that he not only enjoys lying but finds solace in lying, especially when lying to his parents.

“I like lying. It’s good. Once I said three lies in a row and no one knew,” said Brently Johnson. “Another time I lied to everyone for five days. Everyone thought I wasn’t lying but I was. Lying is better than the truth because my mom and dad don’t want to hear the truth.”

Will and Jenna Johnson said they are concerned about their son’s enjoyment in lying but are hesitant to punish him for lying.

“(Brently) lies to us all the time. He looks us right in the eye and lies to us,” said Jenna Johnson. “But what can we do? We can’t argue with him. We can’t punish him. So we just tell him that he shouldn’t lie and that Jesus never lied and then we have ice cream. Maybe it’s a phase and he will realize that lying is wrong and we can be a happy family again. Instead of a family with a liar.”


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