Snowstorm Forces Man to Reevaluate His Relationship


EUGENE, OR – A recent snowstorm has forced a local man to think about how much he really like the woman he is currently dating.

Jeremy Depply did not want to go out during the snowstorm but his girlfriend of two months, Regina Montgomery, asked him to come over and help her shovel her driveway and keep her company.

“The roads were shit, the weather was shit and (Montgomery) lives all the over by the river. That’s like… five miles. I’m not driving five miles in s shitstorm like that,” said Depply. “So when she called I really had to think about how much I actually liked her. Do I like her enough to drive all the way over to her house in the middle of the worst snowstorm I’ve ever seen? Or do I like her only enough to go over there when she has pizza and the Ducks are on? I didn’t go over so… I guess that’s where we are at.”

Montgomery said she was mad at Depply for not coming over but not for long.

“Turn out my neighbor is hot and isn’t a dick… so… things are good. Things are really good,” said Montgomery.


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